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01 About Python

Python is an open-source widely used general-purpose, interpreted and dynamic programming language Created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991.

Python is referred as high-level, interactive, interpreted and object-oriented script language used by developers. Python is designed in such a way that's its very easy to understand and highly readable programming language. Python perfection is that it uses English keywords very frequently whereas if we using other languages its use punctuation, and python also has very low syntactical constructions than other languages. Python, as a programming language which is very easy and simple to learn as compare to other programming languages. Python usually saves half of the time of any developer for development as it has very simple to read syntax and easy compilation feature available. Also, Python has huge libraries that support data analysis, manipulation and visualization. T herefore, Python is the most preferred language among IT Candidates and considered as the “Next Big Thing” and a “Must” for IT Professionals in the world.

02 Terms in Python

Python Programming is Interactive
• In Python interactive mode is a command-line shell so the user can sit at a Python prompt and interact with the interpreter directly to write the programs.
Python Programming is Interpreted
• User can processed python language at runtime by the interpreter. Python does not need to compile with any program before executing it. This is very much similar to PERL and PHP.
Python is Object-Oriented Programming
• Python supports Object-Oriented style or technique of programming that encapsulates code within objects, so we can easily create objects and classes.
Python is a Beginner's Programming Language
• Python is a very useful and can say now a "must" language for the programmers which supports the development of a wide range of applications from simple text processing, www browsers and to games.

03 Contents in Python

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